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Stick to 6 : Stick to CHICSER :">

        Chicser, a famous group that really made a history in social networking sites. Did anyone ever imagined that they can be this famous? Well, definitely yes, its really hard to gain attention from people through networking sites, but they made it.It is by sharing their mere talents through posting their dance videos. And they really did it, to be well-known in the INTERNET ERA.

      Many teenagers now are idolizing them and I'm proud to say that I'm one of them. They are really good in dancing, they got the looks but that one thing that really captured my heart is their willingness to make their fans happy in their own unique ways. How ? Through their GET TOGETHER Events. 

   GET TOGETHER events of Chicser are really great. Running here, running there, RUNNING FANS are everywhere just to get that chance to take pictures with them. Yeah, they're wild but still we can't blame them. It's like once you see the CHICSER in person you'll really forget how to be a "DALAGANG PILIPINA", what you'll definitely have is your liberalized side. That feeling, that you don't know what to do once you met them, there's something in them that we or I can't even explain. Maybe it's the electricity of their appeals that the fans really admire the most. 

     I can still remember those times that we used to be their "BODYGUARDS" the ones who tried their best just to avoid any commotions among the wild fans. We're the one's who tried to calm down the fans and for that I'm so grateful. Having that opportunity is really great. It's not the fame, but the chance to be with them, be part of the group and having the chance to get to know more things about them. I, being a fan girl is really a great experience, and I'm not ashamed of it. It's been normal as a teenager to idolize or just simply have a crush on someone that really worth of spending your time and effort. And i know that Chicser deserved it, and they really worth it.   

   Since May 2012, Chicser have been so active on having their GT just to meet their fans. And from that day on, I have also been active attending every event they have, even it's not GT anyway. And i also tried my best just to get facts about them. And i'm sure that they really deserve every success they made. I've been a witnessed on how they reached the peak of their career. How ? Well it's simply checking their sites, accounts and attending every public event they are attending. 

     I can still remember the first GT at Trinoma, It's like a superstar have entered the mall. Hundreds of fans attended the GT, and it's really hard to escaped the crowd just to get the chance to meet them. The 2nd one is at MOA wherein I have met other Chicser avid fans ( CHICSERLOVERS now) , and the 3rd one at the SM North Edsa wherein we're the one who communicated with the fans and asked for their cooperation to be calm so that commotion won't happen. And we succeeded. Then at SMX MOA, the first organized GT, and the coolest GT I've ever experienced. Then the latest GT's were at ETON CENTRIS where I've spent my time with Ranz' family especially with his 3 beautiful sisters. And the great GT at SM Masinag, it's really  a history in my life. Because I together with my friends, have traveled from QC to MAsinag and its really woth it. I remember the scene we have did at the elevator with Lady Agua, that really captured everyone's attention even the Chicser's attention. And we're proud of it, its like all our efforts are being paid off. 


       Chicser is just word. But it have been well known in the generation. Why ? Because they have captured every girl's attention in their own unique ways. And i know that whatever happens I'll keep on supporting them just what I have used to. And i know in myself that they really deserved it. You know why ? Because I owe them a lot. Through their GT's, through them I found my true friends. Friends that accepted me for who I am, friends who understand my craziness, accepts my weaknesses, helped me during the bad times and joined me during the good times. Who they are ? It's us, the CHICSER LOVERS whom Ullyses Web Basa have named. I'm proud to say that CHICSER recognized us, as their LOVERS. And I'm really grateful and thankful for that. The recognition is really a golden gift that we have received from them, and that would never be forgotten.


    Chicser : A 7 letter word composed of 6 good looking young men. That have made a great record in the Internet Era, in our GENERATION and CAPTURED EVERY GIRL'S HEART, YOUNG OR OLD REALLY FIT IN. I'll keep on supporting no matter what happen, cause I owe them precious memories that I'll treasure forever, and I'll stick to them, to that promise. Stick to 6 : Stick to Chicser ♥

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